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Welcome to Shopman's Web Site, a site relating to restoring and modifying vintage automobiles to near original condition or (mostly) into street rods. The site format is to be text accompanied by photos describing projects from beginning to finish. The projects vary from complete vehicles to parts of vehicles such as a set of 40 Ford front fenders. Also addressed are related events such as visits to gear head friend's shops/garages, cruise-ins, car shows etc.

The site is broken into sections, each section is somewhat related to the others depending upon content.  Section A) "Background" is to give some idea as to how I'm qualified to develop and maintain this web site. Section B) “Tools"  is made up of photos and descriptions of the tools I use. Section C) "Projects" is a list of my projects with a short description of each followed by photos and descriptions of the restoration/modification of each project. Section D) "Beep's Corner" is for Beep's (my better half's nickname given to her years ago) comments. Section E) "Shop Visits" is a presentation of photos, descriptions and comments of my gear head friend's shops, tools and projects. 

NOTE: Moving around the site can be accomplished by clicking on the titles under the heading which will be at the top of every page or on the above pictures or on the sections in the foregoing description. Also key words in the text have faint underlines indicating links to associated site material.

What's New: (47 Project)->47 upholstery, 1916 Model T

(Shop Visits)->Rick's Ford Farm