7) Bow Tie

  Mc Duck, Beep and I visited Bow Tie, who is rebuilding the nail head engine for Mc Duck's 39. Bow Tie has at least 1 of every thing, is a jack of all trades and a master of most. His shops and tool collection are to die for. His past and present projects are well thought out and meticulously worked through. I was awe-struck from the time we arrived until we left. 

Upon entering Bow Tie's "clean shop" our attention was immediately focused on the 3 vehicles parked inside. The first was a 55 Chev 1/2 ton pickup under construction, the second was a 55 chev delivery drag race car, the third was a 55 chev 2 door post. The vehicles were parked very close together making it difficult to get full exterior photos. Maybe I will get the opportunity  on a subsequent visit.

  P1000149  P1000150

55 Chevy pick up body upon a 77 Chev modified frame in which Bow Tie has implanted a 500+ci Cadillac motor. Check out the superb workmanship throughout. 

  P1000151  P1000152

                    Lincoln Town Car 6 way power seat                           Auto Meter instruments, also note foil sandwiched felt                       

                                                                                                                insulation which lays on top of Dynamat insulation. 

  P1000153  P1000180  

  The frame again modified for this Lincoln 9&3/8" rear end       Gear Venders 28% overdrive which will be removed from    .

  with overload airbags.                                                                      transmission shown and attached to the 400 transmission                    

                                                                                                                in the 55 pick up. 

  P1000154  P1000155 

  A 55 Chev Delivery drag racer completely built and raced by Bow Tie. Believe it or not this car can be easily made street legal.

  P1000162  P1000163

 Every non-original item other than gauges, steering wheel etc. was designed and fabricated by Bow Tie.

  P1000164  P1000165

Needless to say many engineering and performance trophies have been won by this car. Bow Tie has raced it at quarter and eighth mile drag strips with good results at both. 

  P1000166  P1000167

                The delivery is powered by a 355 ci,  6" rods with 15 / 1 compression (you figure) hp Chev. 

  P1000156  P1000157 

The engine compartment for this '55' 2 dr chevy post is filled with a 358 ci, lots of hp engine sporting 2 turbo chargers. The  turbochargers were designed and fabricated by Bow Tie. When Bow Tie ran this car at the drag strip he competed in only 1 race. The car was so fast that the safety guys determined he needed a roll cage and associated safety equipment to be allowed to race at the speed he had achieved. Bow Tie built this car so that it could be returned to bone stock if so desired, with a roll cage that would be very difficult, so he said "no thanks".  

  P1000160  P1000161

                        Upholstery done by Stitch.                                                                Fuel tank fabricated by Bow Tie. 

  P1000171  P1000169

  How's this for a collection of tools and stuff.                               Another angle of the same area, note McDuck's soon to be rebuilt         

                                                                                                               nailhead in the middle.                                                                            

  P1000172  P1000173

  Intake manifolds carbs and air cleaners alongside archery                    Closer shot of the manifolds and carbs. 

  bows etc.  

  P1000174  P1000176

  Some of the trophies Bow Tie has acquired with his 55           Die cast models, every one is a Chevrolet except for possibly the

  delivery also archery acquired wild game trophies.                  gray one on the right end.

                                                           Now we visit what Bow Tie refers to as his "dirty shop".

  P1000179  P1000182        

  Crosley station wagon in the process of becoming a street                 9 inch rear end destined to go in the Crosley                                                                                                                              

  driven NHRA legal race car. Wait until you see this one finished.                                                                                                                                                            


                                                                             Check out the turbo chargers and stuff.                                             

This was a very interesting and informative 3 in 1 (Stitch, McDuck and Bow tie) trip. I feel very fortunate in being able to put together the forgoing material.  Updates and more to come on these 3.  


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