Planning for a car show


The U.S.101 Car Club has had a car show for the last several years. Most years it was held just off Hiway 101 in Waldport OR as it will be for 2016. We (U.S. 101 Car Club) started planning for the 2016 show the next meeting after the 2015 show, so that things are spread out and don't get bunched up towards the end with everyone in a panic. We find that everyone is more apt to take part if the show is well planned and there is sufficient time for the plan to develop.

Committee The first thing needed is a committee appointed by the club president. If not the president, then the membership needs to select a committee.

Chair The committee needs to determine which one of them will act as the chair for leadership and encouragement.

Research If a show put on the previous year had a after show review, to determine what went wrong and what went right. This review can be used as a basis for this year's plan. If this is the first car show, research is needed. The research can be contacting other clubs that have had car shows, checking the internet: try googling "hot rod and custom car shows" or "car club activities" and see what comes up. Also car magazines such as "Street Rodder" have articles on car shows.

Date of Car Show   Late spring through mid fall is the time span to have a car show if it is to be outside. If the show is to be inside it can be held anytime as long as travel to and from won't be a problem. Planning for nice weather can be a problem especially here on the Oregon coast. For years the 101 Car Club Show was put on in June. Often we got rained on so we changed this year's show to August. Well, this year is was nice on the day in June that we would have had the show and it drizzled on us in August. 

Competition from other car shows can somewhat be avoided if the committee checks sources like the "Northwest Car Events Calendar" from the previous year. Try to schedule a date when other car shows are not being held near by.

It can be benificial for attendance if your car show can be scheduled along with another event. The 101 Clubs June date (which we are returning to) combines our activities with the Waldport "Beachcomber Days".

Tasks The committee needs to devop the car show in general, then break it into tasks such as parking, food purchasing, food preparation (hamburgers and hot dogs), registration, raffle, car judging, trophy selection, purchasing dash paques and tee shirts. Now the tasks need to be assigned to club members or sub committes to carry out. 

Follow through Each club meeting's agenda needs to contain reports from car show committee members as to how preparations are advancing. The day before the show, the club should meet at the show sight and do a walk through doing necessary clean up and checking to make the site is ready for the show.

Show Day Club members need to walk around, checking out the cars, talking to participants and getting a feel for the likes and dislikes regarding the show.

After Show Review The next club meeting after the car show is the time to discuss the good and bad elements of the show. What went right and what went wrong. All members that participated in putting the show on should have input. This discussion needs to be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. These minutes will serve as a basis for planning the next club car show.