Progress on Beep's 47


The 47 project has been strung out over several years. I started on it in 2003 by removing the fenders. After I ground off the paint and Bondo I found that I had 4 pretty rough fenders. I metal worked the rough spots, smoothed out the metal work with a shrinking disk and applied primer over my work. By this time it was 2004 and my brother in law and I decided to restore a 1953 GMC pick up for the experience and as a challenge. It took us 3 years to finish the GMC which turned out pretty fair. Next we took on a 65 Chevy Impala paint job which of course turned out to be a lot more than just a paint job. That took about a year to finish. It also turned out well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     All this time Beep's 47 waited for attention in the corner of my shop. Once the Impala was finished I started back on the 47 by removing old paint, primer and Bondo frome the body, trunk and hood. This resulted in the discovery of lots of damage to the trunk and left side of the body. Metal work, shrinking and priming corrected the damage. The body work out of the way I tackeled the running gear (should have done this first). The 302 engine was installed when I bought the car, upon installing the new Walker radiator I discovered that the engine was too close to the radiator allowing no room for a fan. Also I didn't care for the motor mount arrangement so I purchased motor mount and transmission mount kits from Chassis Engineering. In order to have at least 1/2" space between the radiator and fan I found It necessary to modify the firewall to allow clearance for the valve covers as the engine was slid back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Next came modifying new Cassic Instrument gages to fit the dash and to wire the car. This progressed in a fairly strait forward manner. For the exhaust system, I installed a universal 2 1/2" kit purchased from Speedway. The car came with 10" disks in the front and drums integral with the 8" Ford Granada rear end. I installed the master cylinder, remote fill reservoir proportioning valve and residual valves purchased from Chassis Engineering. 

Once I worked my way through the preceding which included installing and removing the engine/transmission at least 10 times, I progressed to the prep and paint phase. looking at the hood, door and fender gaps I decided to make them smaller and more uniform. I did this by welding acetylene welding rod along one side of the gap surface and grinding it to the desired dimension. Next I filled and sanded the area.

Finally it was time for guide coat sanding priming and prepping for paint. For paint we (Beep and I) we decided on what the paint supplier designated as “Candy Apple Red Metallic” which actually turned out to be Red Metallic. After applying the paint, color sanding and polishing, the old 47 looked pretty good. The one problem was color sanding out the heavy orange peel, I’m working on getting a better flow of the paint to cut way down on the orange peel.

We have driven the finished 47 to car shows cruise ins and various car club events since mid 2013 meeting new friends comparing experiences and just enjoying ourselves. The car will never be completely finished, there will always be twerking and upgrades.