F) Beep's Corner


Beep, my better half for the past 51 years, is a true Gearhead's sole-mate. She is ready to help at our club sponsored events, she always goes with me to car shows, cruise-ins, BBQs etc. When I see something I think I need for one of my projects, she says "buy it", I say "shouldn't we check the budget?", she repeats "Buy It". She keeps the books and lets me know when I'm running out of funds. She is always there for support especially when things are not going well.

This is her place to sound off about whatever comes to mind. I choose to pick my battles so I won't suggest what she might write about.


Guess its time for me to write something .... Shopman has been so patient.


When I married Shopman, I was driving a 1957 Chevy  2 door hardtop which I purchased together with my brother who was attending Gallaudet College. (I drove it off the Showroom floor, so it meant everything to me at the time.)  Shopman bought out my brothers interest, and took over the remaining payments.  We drove the ‘57 until we literally ran out of room. I was expecting our 5th child. Thru tears, we sold it and replaced it with a Buick station wagon - but not before Shopman promised that someday he would purchase me another.

And so it was ... in 1974 he bought me another 1957, a 4 door hardtop.  I was thrilled -- for about 3 weeks.  One Sunday evening I needed to go down to the small neighborhood grocery store, by myself without any of the children, to buy a gallon of milk.  While stopped waiting for oncoming traffic to pass, I was hit from behind by an uninsured motorist. I gripped the steering wheel SO tight so I wouldn’t be pushed into the oncoming traffic.  I was ok, but pressure from the grip broke my wedding rings in 2 places.  The car was totaled.  

The car was sent out for repair, but Shopman was not satisfied with the job.  He put it in his “shop of some sort” at home where it became his project for 20 years.  Time, money and activities of seven busy children kept Shopman from completing the project sooner.  

Thru the years as I watched him “build” that car from frame up, I could see the love and devotion to a hobby he had always just dreamed about.  Finally he was to the point of painting.  We had

picked out the color.  One day he came in and asked how I’d feel about him selling the car.  I asked why he would do this.  He replied “it’s like a monkey on my back .... and I’d like to buy a '36 Ford”.   Without hesitation, I said “Go for it!”.  

The father of one of my coworkers at an Elementary School I worked for had a shop full of 1936 Fords and was interested in selling one.  Wow!  

The day came to go pick up the one Shopman had chosen - a 1936 Ford 3 window coupe. I followed him as he pulled out of the driveway and down the highway leading home.  I could see his excitement thru the window.  It was like watching a child in a candy shop.... “arms waving”, “wahoo’s” and cars and trucks coming towards him tooting their horns in approval.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I called our oldest son  to relate what I was witnessing in front of me.  Earlier, Shopman had joined the local Early Ford V-8 Club and now he had his own “Show & Tell”.  We no longer had to caravan with the Club with a sign in the window of our GMC Van “I think I am a Ford”.  

About a year later, we retired and moved to the Coast.  Soon after his “only in his dreams” shop was built.  I walked down one morning after the building was done and saw Shopman sitting on an upside down bucket on the driveway in front.  He was holding a cup of coffee just looking at his new shop.  When I asked what he was doing, he replied “I can’t believe my dream is finally a reality”.  

It is a joy to watch him master jobs that seem impossible to me -- and knowing that he won’t rest until the task he is doing is done correctly and as perfect as possible.  I have seen him go back to the shop after dinner,  and spend many hours studying the problem and not giving up until he has found answers.  You can see his projects on other pages of this site.

A lot of time, frustration, decisions and patience goes into each step.  But with each “challenge” he says he has learned another lesson.  Learning is his lifelong desire and goal, something he feels everyone should strive for.

Shopman and I have been married almost 52 years now .... we have been blessed with 7 wonderful children, 7 beautiful grandchildren and  a hobby that we  both enjoy -  taking in car shows etc with good friends and meeting  and sharing with new ones.