E) Projects


The following projects are finished, in progress, or waiting for attention:

1) 53 GMC 1/2 Ton Pickup 

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Bil (Brother in law) and I purchased this vehicle to use as a learning device to introduce Bil to the fine art of auto restoration and for me to brush up on my previously attained skills and acquire new ones. This project is finished and sold.                                                                                         

2) Set of 40 Ford front fenders

pastedgraphic-4_textmedium pastedgraphic_textmedium

Given to me by a long time friend (Kimosabe). The intent was that I would repair, metal finish and prime these fenders and then sell them on the internet or at a swap meet. The fenders are finished and have been sold.

3) 65 Chev Impala 4 dr. hardtop 

pastedgraphic-5_textmedium dscn3785_textmedium

 Bil's brother's car, we stripped the paint, repaired rusted areas and repainted the car "Cool Vanilla" (off white).

4) 47 Ford Club Coupe 

dscn3789_textmedium pastedgraphic-7_textmedium

Beep's car, my current project which I hope to finish by late winter 2014.  Man, what a Money Pit.