4c) '47


Wiring: New wiring was installed using  a American Autowire Highway 22 wiring kit. The plan was not to drill any holes in the firewall so the wiring was to run through the cowl kick panels and into the frame. 

  P1000056  DSCN4494

The battery was placed in the trunk utility compartment, the cables were run out through 5/8" grommets into the right frame rail. Then the battery cables were passed forward through the right frame rail using cable T clamps.

  P1000373  P1000374

Positive cable was connected to the starter solenoid and negative cable to to bell housing then to frame. The Loom containing the system main power cable and neutral safety wire was routed over the right frame rail and through a 5/8" grommet into the rock  guard.  

  P1000375  P1000376  

A opening was made in the outside of the rock guard to route the loom. Then at the back of the wheel well through another grommet  into the space under the kick panel area.  

  P1000377  P1000378

Through a third grommet into the kick panel area, and up across the top of the cowl.

  P1000379  P1000380

                                                   To the main fuse box, and on to the electrical distribution panel.      

        Yep, like I said, a gob. Looks better once wires are in the looms. Now to wire from the distribution panel to the end points through the bottom of the firewall. Holes were drilled and grommets placed to allow the looms to pass through and out to the frame.              


                      Looms out of firewall and into frame.                                  Looms out of frame and wiring to pressure sensor.


                                           To distributor .                                                                            To temperature sensor 


                          Light wires and spares out of loom at front of frame.                           

 Fabricated cover panel


                        Wireing passing from loom onto floor.                                             Across floor from front of vehicle to rear.  


                        From floor into loom entering trunk.                                               






Emergency Brake: (Under Construction)

The original emergency brake cable assembly was not complete, so a new Lokar assembly was purchased. Installing this new assembly first required the removing of left rear hub and the original emergency brake cable and housing retainer. Next the Lokar cable was installed through the left rear backing plate using the Locker retainer and attached to the parking brake lever. Replaced the left rear hub. The forgoing was repeated on the right rear hub and brake assembly.

Layed out 3 cables under the car and attempted to determine where to run the  cables and attach the cable block and adjusters. At this point I was quite confused so I called Steve at Sunrise Color. He said to run the hand brake cable down the inside of the left frame rail as far as it would go. At that point place the block and adjusters. Run the left brake cable strait from the left rear hub to one of the cable adjusters. Then run the right brake cable from right rear hub up over the drive shaft and forward to the remaining adjuster. 

First I had to Remove the left muffler and tail pipe. Then I  positioned the block and adjuster assembly on inside of the frame and marked and drilled the bracket holes. Next the cable block was fastened in place and the adjusters were connected to rear emergency cables. The adjusters were tightened until the rear wheels were locked with the emergency brake handle was pulled back and when released the wheels moved freely.

Description of photos soon.