6) 41 Ford PU Bedsides

My life long buddy Glenn (Kimosabe) had a 41 Ford Pick Up that he rebuilt and finished mechanically. He also had the cab, front fenders, hood and grill metal worked and painted. He had me metal work and paint the rear fenders, bed front panel and tail gate. He then sent me the bedsides to metal work and paint. Before I got around to doing the work he passed away. I stored the bedsides until the future of the pick up was decided. Glenn’s son informed me that he wands the bed sides finished so he can assemble the bed rear fenders etc. and sell the pickup complete.

I looked the bedsides over and found that there was excessive rust and poorly done repair work to the point that I recommended purchasing a new pair of bedsides from C&G Ford Parts. I then considered the fact that I was giving up on a project and I just couldn’t do that, besides I might learn something so I rescinded my recommendation and began the restoration. Also the original bedsides are 14 gauge and the new ones are 16 or 18 gauge according to the order guy at C & G. 






more to come