3) VP

VP and I both worked at the same Community College, he was the Vice President for Business (VP) and I was a Faculty member. During 1 of our early conversations I mentioned that I was interested in vintage Fords. The next thing I knew he loaned me a ton of V8 Times Magazines which I read cover to cover. This led to my joining the Albany chapter of the Early Ford V8 club and later to the purchase of my 36 Ford 3 window coupe. VP retired a year or two before I did and we kind of lost touch until we both showed up at an Early Ford V8 meeting. We have been fellow club members for the past few years. I stopped by his place a while back and took some pictures of his shop and projects. He is restoring a 47 Merc Club Coupe which is coming right along. He also has a 73 Cougar XR7 which is for sale.

VP also has been restoring tractors for several years, his current stable consists of a 1969 Cockshutt Model 1950, a '54 Massey Harris Model 33, a '42 Ford Model 2N, a '56 John Deere Model 420C and a 1963 Massey Ferguson Model 97.

  DSCN4425  DSCN4428

In the shop assembly/paint room temporarily resides the 47 Merc Club Coupe. Most of the mechanicals are complete, the body work and painting are finished. 

  DSCN4426  DSCN4427    

                                      The stainless and chrome pieces are polished and waiting to be installed on the car.

  DSCN4430  DSCN4431     

The Merc's power train, a Lincoln 302 engine with EFI mated to a C4 transmission and 8 inch rear end, is installed and operational.

  DSCN4433  DSCN4434  

                                                             The Cougar is in excellent shape, awaiting a new owner. 

  DSCN4432  DSCN4435  

Cockshutt tractors were made by Oliver and sold in Canada. This 1969 Model 1950 Cockshutt has been fully restored by VP and is used in tractor pulls. It has a 4 cylinder 53 cu.in. per cylinder 105hp diesel engine.

  DSCN4416  DSCN4417   

This 1963 Massey Ferguson model 97 with a 504 cu. in. 93hp Diesel engine was made by Minneapolis Moline and sold in Canada. This was also restored by VP and competes in tractor pulls. Note that this is the central area of his shop where most of the tractor restoration is done.

  DSCN4418  DSCN4419

1942 Ford Model 2N with magneto, originally crank start only. VP has added a starter, alternator and battery for easier starting. 

  DSCN4420  DSCN4421
 1956 420C John Deere crawler with a 2 vertical cylinder gas engine which Vp restored and uses around the place. 

  DSCN4423  DSCN4424
                                                   1954 Massey Harris Model 33 in the process of being restored.
  DSCN4436  DSCN4437
                                  Some of the many trophies that VP has won at tractor pulls displayed in the shop office.      
  DSCN4449  DSCN4450
 Check out this extensive die cast metal model tractor collection. Also note that this area is clean and tidy, it is walled off from the rest of the shop.

  DSCN4439  DSCN4447
                                     Die cast model of a articulated tractor having 2 V8 engines mated together (V16).

  DSCN4441  DSCN4443
                                                                                   More models and trophies.

  DSCN4440  DSCN4444
                                                                                                   And more.

  DSCN4446  DSCN4442

I appreciate VP allowing me to take pictures and spending the time to describe his shop, projects and models. This was certainly  an enjoyable, informative shop visit.           


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