4) Stang

Stang is the Secretary Treasure of the 101 Auto Club of which I am a member. He is an authority on early Mustangs (from which comes his nickname) and Ford related products. His son who also belongs to the 101 Club is into Camaros. 

A 68 Mustang is Stang's current project, it's pretty much done except for paint. The engine is the original and was rebuilt and ---- by his son in his high school auto shop class. The shop class instructor is well known and respected in this area, this man has forgotten more than most people know about auto mechanics. The C4 transmission was rebuilt by another 101 club member who also got his training from the same automotive instructor. 

Stang's work space is a single car garage which could be very limiting however, the area and storage is well organized to utilize the most efficient use of it. 

  DSCN4558  DSCN4629 

We don't have a before photo, these photos are after some rust repair (replacing metal) and hammer and dolly work.

   DSCN4631  DSCN4633 

             The primer is Kirker Perfect Prime Buff color. Stang has determined the finpaint color will be Viper Yellow. 

  DSCN4632  DSCN4636                     

                                                                                     A nicely detailed 302 engine.

  DSCN4638  DSCN4639

  DSCN4559  DSCN4560 

                                 Stang designed and fabricated the aluminum console and and other pieces of the interior.

  DSCN4647  DSCN4563

                                                                        Body parts waiting for paint and assembly.

  DSCN4554  DSCN4555

                                                  This well built Chevy engine belongs to Stang's son Nathan.

  DSCN4642  DSCN4643

                                                           Stang knows how to make the most out of limited space.

  DSCN4644  DSCN4646 

  DSCN4565  DSCN4572 

  DSCN4553  DSCN4577

                                               A nice collection of auto related wall art is displaced in Stang's garage/shop. 

  DSCN4566  DSCN4567

                                                                      Die metal cars also are part of his collection.

  DSCN4568  DSCN4569

  DSCN4570  DSCN4571

  DSCN4574  DSCN4572

  License plates that Stang has picked up from time to time.      A good mix of wall art along with tool and material storage.

          It took 2 visits to achieve the photos and information I felt necessary, thanks Stang for your patience and help.


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