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Beep and I had been asking around at cruise ins and car shows about upholsterers. Gary Merriman in North Bend OR  had upholstered some of the cars we looked at and he was highly recommended. We made an appointment and paid Gary a visit. After talking over the 47 project and looking at some of his work and lots of photos we decided that he was our man.  Gary has a web site developed by his son. I have copied the following from his web site :


SpeedWay Motors 

Snyder's Antique Auto

Knutson's Carpet Hut

Custom Upholstery for Classic Automobiles 
Owned & Operated By Gary Merriman
Email Me

How I began Upholstery

After returning from my tour of duty in Vietnam, I decided I needed a hobby. I had a great interest in old cars, so purchased my first antique car. It was a 1929 Ford Model-A. The car did not need a lot of work but it did need an upholstery job. At the age of twelve I had worked for a Saddle Maker learning to dye belts, do buck stitching, make horse equipment, and of course, make saddles. I had six years experience sewing leather from the saddle shop, so I decided to teach myself how to do upholstery on a car.

While I was working with the Model-A, I started meeting new people with the same passions as my self—antique cars, hotrods, and upholstery. These people taught me new techniques and helped me increase my skill level; soon I developed my own style.

Gary and his Machine

My skills landed me a job at Gates Lear Jet, where I learned new methods of making handcrafted interiors by working and tooling leather as well as other exotic materials. During this time the idea for my own upholstery company began to form, and Ultra Threads was born.

Sitting behind my 1922 Singer sewing machine for 43 years has made possible many dreams. I have made many new friends, been featured in magazines articles, won awards, and have had a great life. Upholstery has become a little more than a hobby! It is now an obsession and love of antique cars and hand crafted interiors. 

Thank you for your interest in my humble site and I hope you enjoy the beautiful cars inside. 
Gary Merriman

Old Blue

1929 Model-A Coupe 
         "Old Blue"


About Old Blue

“Old Blue” is a 1929 Ford Model-A, purchased in 1976. After returning from Vietnam in 1971 I needed a hobby and the street rod scene attracted my attention. Old Blue has been re-built from the frame up three different times while in my possession. Old Blue’s first power-train was a 322 CU Buick with a 39 LaSalle transmission. Second was a 327 CID with four-speed manual transmission. In 1983 Old Blue went through the latest upgrade to a Chevy 350 CID, 350 transmission, 8 inch Ford rear-end, had the top chopped 3 inches, and a 1932 Chrysler dash installed. I have used Old Blue on many Rod-Runs into New Mexico, Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada, Washington and finally Oregon where I settled with my wife.

Old Blue has a lot of sentimental value. It was a family car for 5-years; I raised all my children around this car. Old Blue now has 153,000 miles on the odometer and is still running great! She is scheduled for her final rebuild when I retire. I would like to devote as much time as possible to rebuild her as she so deserves.


1929 Model-A Truck


About The Truck

All my life I have wanted a Model-A Truck. This one is one of my favorites. It is a 1929 Ford Model-A Truck built with a Buick V-6 engine, turbo transmission, 8 inch Ford rear-end, and the stock all steel frame, which I boxed. The truck also has a dropped front axle with a four-bar suspension, Mustang steering box, ‘56 Ford front brakes, and American Polished five spoke rims. I can’t say this is just “one" truck, more like six different trucks that each gave a little so I could have my 1929 Model-A.


  1926 Ford Touring

       About my wife's Touring

When I found this car in Miami Arizona, it was in good shape with no rust, all steel construction and original working drive train. I chopped the windshield frame 3” along with the Original top irons 1 1/5” in the rear to give the car a nice hot rod profile. 

The body is made of the original sheet metal which was worked on and painted gun metal gray by a good friend of mine Ken Mallouque. I replaced the original drive with a 4.3L Chevy V-6, 350-transmission and added a nice looking Jaguar rear end which I think compliments the hot rod profile.


  1927 Tudor Sedan


About The Tudor

This *Resto-Rod themed 1927 sedan took me two years to build. Oddly enough, it started out as chicken coupe on someone’s farm in Texas. This is one of my favorites with the stock all steel frame, again boxed like the Model-A truck. It has a Jaguar rear end, dropped front axle with a 4-bar suspension, is powered by a Chevy 4.3 L. V-6, a turbo transmission, Vega steering box, and a stock steering column connected with Borgson u-joints.

(*Resto-Rod theme is when you build a car and don’t change the exterior looks from the original. You build the frame to handle modern drive-trains and have the hot-rod stance or rake.)


Not shown is Gary's 1916 Model T Center Door, wait till you see this one street rodded.

Gary moved from Arizona to Oregon a few years back, the question is "how did he move all these cars from Arizona to Oregon. He also moved a 29 high boy roadster that he later sold for a down payment on the house that he is currently building. He did the move in two trips using two friends, two U-Haul trucks with car trailers and a pick up with car trailer. One of the friends was a truck driver, he showed them how to load and what route to take, where to stop etc. The other friend was a meat cutter, he showed them where to eat and what to order, so all in all they had a great experience.  

Beep and I really enjoyed our time with Gary, his upholstery work is superb, his street rods are unique and he is wonderful host.

Now we we continue on to visit McDuck. 


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