6) McDuck


McDuck and I are somewhat related, his wife is my son's mother-in-law's sister. Thats sorta related isn't it? McDuck's front is a furniture store, in fact one of the reasons for our trip was to pick up a new oven we had purchased from him. Anyway he has various locations (one is an abandoned auto body shop) in which he stores furniture and his treasures. After loading the oven in our pick up ,McDuck, his property manager "Flash", Beep and I  set out to see his treasures. 

  P1000073  P1000089

Some time ago McDuck showed me a set of headlights and said that he was going to build a 32 roadster around them, I chuckled and said "sure you are". Well true to his word here is the 32 roadster. His only concern is finding an over pass to hide under when it rains

  P1000079  P1000092

                           Louvered trunk and 39 tail lights.                                  Attebury rear end and Aldan coil over shocks.

  P1000081  P1000087

                          350 ZZ4 Chevy engine with Isky cam                  Motor can be moved ahead 1 inch and removed without 

                                                                                                              removing radiator/fan.                            

  P1000088  P1000084

  Aluminum  tank without straps to hold it in place.                      Aldan coil over shocks, 4 bar set up with 4 inch dropped axel.                                                                    

  P1000075  P1000076 

                      The upholstery was done by Stitch, note how the seat rolls around to meet the door panel.

  P1000074  P1000078

              This 51 Ford woody is an earlier restoration of McDucks. The car is as clean and straight  as it looks.

  P1000095  P1000096

  Carpeting and stainless strips replace original rubber mat     Headliner material is enough to upholster the inside of a model           

   and narrow painted strips.                                                             A roadster.

  P1000100  P1000101

The 39 coupe body sits on a TCI frame with a mustang 2 front end with rack and pinion steering. The frame and firewall have been prepared for a Buick nail head engine that is currently being rebuilt, a 700R4 transmission and a 9 inch rear end with 3.50 gears.

  P1000097  P1000098  

  The body, fenders, hood and trunk have been metal worked and with some prep work will be painted then assembled.

  P1000103  P1000104

                        40 Ford dash installed in the 39                              The stock license bracket and bumper will be added during


  P1000105  P1000110

       Radiator, valve covers etc. waiting for the nail head.           Dash for 48 Anglia McDuck  has hid away and dash from the 39.  

  P1000114  P1000113

                      Whirly Gig from Oaks Amusement Park                                                        Bumper Car

  P1000115  P1000116

                A 33 Willy's grill and McDuck's hand.                                                       Another of McDuck's treasures.            

  P1000117  P1000112

This 57 Chev is straight and even the trunk is without rust, some day it will be a fine looking Tri-Five-Chevy. That's the 57

hood in another location.

  P1000119  P1000120

                If your into Jeeps, this one is in good shape.                Flash's 40 Ford chassis and running gear, he's looking for a 40

                                                                                                               pick up body to set on it.                                

  P1000123  P1000122

A pile of miscellaneous parts, check out the Packard tranny.     273 Hemi with Spalding Flame Thrower also an alu fly wheel

                                                                                                                with a Schiefer pressure plate.  

  P1000124  P1000125

                348 Chev engine, little brother to the 409.                    A very early electric boat motor, another of Mcduck's treasures. 

  P1000126  P1000146 

                 Retired gas pump outside McDucks garage.              Dash plaque of a club that's gone the way of so many clubs.

  P1000127  P1000130 

A 355 Chevy with a 671 blower, and 4 Hilborn  injection converted to EFI, this baby runs right where it sets, it will be stuffed

into the Willys panel in the background. 

  P1000133  P1000131

And here is the Willys panel, check out the metal working, how about the tilt hood/grill.

  P1000135  P1000136 

All the wood has been replaced with metal tubing, great workmanship.

  P1000139  P1000142 

                         This door won't sag any more.                                A 392 Chrysler with a 671 blower with Enderle bug catcher.

  P1000143  P1000144               Here is a 383 small block ready to go dwarfed by the 392.       Three 2 barrel carbs and manifold, valve covers and other stuff for the

                                                                                                               39 nail head. Also 4 Rochester 2G carbs for a Man-a-free intake. 

  P1000145  P1000148

                   Big block Chev blower manifold                                                      Some of McDuck's wall art.

                                   This completes our tour of McDucks holdings, so now we're off to visit Bow Tie.


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