2) Guido

Guido and his better half (Twin) moved up from San Diego 3 years ago. Our wifes became good friends right off, in fact they think and act so much alike that they call each other "Twin" . Guido and I also became good friends and being that we're both gear heads it's worked out great. We attend car club meetings, car shows, cruise-ins, swap meets, BBQs etc. together usually with our wives.

Prior to leaving San Diego, Guido purchased all the equipment from a metal shop that was going out of business. The place he bought here just so happened to have a large shop building next to the house. The shop, tools and equipment inside are quite impressive. I recently visited Guido at his shop took some pictures. The following is the result of that visit.

     DSCN4210   DSCN4212 

      Guido has quite a decal and shop wall art collection. Lots of source material for bench racing.

     DSCN4034   DSCN4211

      And more.                                                                                          And more, also note the hand louver press and Pexto hole punch

     dscn4038_textmedium   DSCN4037

      It's apparent that he's been collecting this stuff for awhile.       How about that stainless sink and counter.

      DSCN4039   DSCN4214

      Workbench with lots of storage and bench drill press.              Floor drill press

      DSCN4040   DSCN4041

      Hydraulic break, 6" notcher, bead roller and tool box.               Clamps, vise grips and water cooled Rex spot welder.

      DSCN4042   DSCN4217

      English wheel, Lincoln wire welder and Pyramid slip.              Vise, band saw, belt sander, Beverly shear and wire welder.

      DSCN4046   DSCN4048

      Small sand blaster, and Pan break.                                     How many of you have a fork lift in your shop?

      DSCN4213  DSCN4218  

      42 inch stomp shear                                                                                                  Front view of the Pan break.

      DSCN4025   DSCN4026

      Double Trouble is a very nice delivery that Guido recently picked up. 

      DSCN4207   dscn4033_textmedium

      Mopar 318 cu in engine                                                                   Note the gauges for tuning.

      DSCN4206   DSCN4032

       Attractive interior that's comfortable.

      DSCN4202   DSCN4203   

      DSCN4053   DSCN4208

      In process 47 Ford with Guido contemplating it's future. Note filled seams, rounded trunk corners and tunneled tail lights.  

      DSCN4219  DSCN4220

       Front view of in process 47.                                                           Mesh covered frame for the 47's chopped Carson like top.

      IMG_0658  pastedgraphic-59_textmedium

      Model A project that Guido recently sold.

      IMG_0684  img_0686_textmedium

       GMC 671 Super charger that was also sold.

     This concludes my visit to Guido's shop. I will add pictures and comments as he progresses on the 47 and adds interesting items 

      to his shop.

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